120 Hour Advanced TESOL

An 8-day modular program covering key topics in English language learning and teaching and providing adequate opportunities for practice, dynamic group critiquing and mentored interactions.

Who is it for?

For participants who want to acquire teaching competence and confidence through an internationally accredited and up-to-date English language teaching program.

Why the program?

It is a certificate that represents skills which will allow you to build a rewarding, life-long career in teaching English
whether locally or internationally.

English as a Second Language Program (ESL)

Highly individualized and customized programs for participants who need to learn English as a second or foreign language.

Who is it for?

English for Everyday - for participants motivated by day-to-day, social, and practical purposes for learning English.

English for Learning - for participants motivated to learn English due to academic and learning purposes.

English for Workplace - for participants motivated by employment and career purposes for learning English.

Why the program?

This is a  program that guarantees that what you learn is truly what you need for your specific purposes. 

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