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How ATI’s Program Helped Nicolle Alcantara Change Careers

Ms. Nicolle Alcantara is only in her early 20s, and yet she’s already worn all sorts of hats. From a coffee shop barista to a college instructor, her many roles have required diverse skill sets and granted her new experiences. Ultimately, she found that her passions truly lied in teaching.

“I decided to change my career path because I’m dedicated to nurturing and inspiring people,” she expressed.

As she dreamed of pursuing a teaching career abroad, she pursued American TESOL Institute Philippines’ Advanced TESOL Now program. For her, it was the most viable and fruitful path to take, especially as she had to juggle several responsibilities at the same time.

At a crossroads

While Ms. Nicolle is currently taking up a master’s program at a local university, how she got to this position has actually proven to be a tale of career detours. When she pursued her undergraduate degree, she had chosen the field of tourism management and at some point, she also dabbled in serving as a restaurant receptionist. Indeed, these were quite a far path from her current dreams of becoming a driving force in the education sector.

Back in 2018, she was also diligently working as a coffee shop barista. It was in this role that she discovered her passion for mentorship and teaching.

“My supervisor asked me to demonstrate or show some of the basic steps or skills to our trainees during that time,” Ms. Nicolle narrated. “I was hesitant at first, but I did it anyway. The feeling that I felt after I helped my co-workers build their self esteem and improve their skills was very rewarding.”

Because of this experience, she decided that she had to study again so that she could start building her career in the education sector. Accordingly, Ms. Nicolle had to find a worthwhile program that would enable her to make a career switch—despite having no formal training in education—by developing her skills and allowing her to gain the necessary experience to thrive in this path. Moreover, the program had to fit in with her schedule as a master’s student.

Thankfully, ATI’s Advanced TESOL Now program was precisely the professional development course she was looking for.

Flexibility is key

Given that she was still balancing her academic work in her master’s program, Ms. Nicolle felt well-supported by taking ATI’s program. The course was delivered fully asynchronously, which allowed her to learn at her own pace and not feel pressured to meet a certain deadline. This way, she could push for her career growth without compromising on her other duties.

“Taking the course was convenient for me because I got to access my modules anytime and anywhere I want,” she shared. “I love how each topic was well discussed and on-point.”

Moreover, despite not coming from an educational background, Ms. Nicolle found the course easy to understand yet comprehensive to enable her to jump into the field. According to her, taking the program equipped her with both English language skills and a battery of different teaching techniques.

With ATI’s internationally recognized certificate, Ms. Nicolle is very hopeful that the program will prove to be her gateway not only in the education sector but to find a stable career overseas. “Earning the certificate is another achievement for me. It's an additional advantage for me as I aspire to teach young minds and help them learn not only English language, but also some life skills they will be needing in the future.”

“I’m thankful to ATI because I’m now confident to apply for a teaching position in my dream country,” she added.

A future of open possibilities

Now that Ms. Nicolle has earned the certificate, she’s looking forward to earning her master’s degree and pushing to move abroad and start establishing her career as an English language teacher. She expressed that she is most excited to provide mentorship and guidance to the next generation, shaping them up to be future leaders in diverse disciplines.

“I love how we can learn from each other, discovering new things and sharing experiences everyday,” she said. “It would be fulfilling to see my students succeed in life, achieving their goals and doing things they really love.”

For the foreseeable future, Ms. Nicolle is certain that she will be staying in the education sector for the coming years. While she spent previous years navigating different career paths, she has now found the career that she is truly passionate about and wants to make a difference with—and ATI’s program has been a major stepping stone in that direction.

“I have been preparing for this since 2018. I envision myself creating a positive impact in my student’s lives and helping them pursue their passion,” Ms. Nicolle concluded. “I know the process to become a great or effective teacher is tough, but I’ll never stop improving myself along the way.”

Making a career switch? It doesn’t have to be daunting. Explore ATI’s Advanced TESOL programs to learn more about how you can build a new career in education.