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Why Take A Short Course Through ATI’s Module Access

If you’ve ever come across ATI’s Advanced TESOL programs, then you’ll know how comprehensive yet efficient it is. Everything from reading to speaking, grammar to class management, is covered in 12 compact modules—and you get an international certification upon completion.

Yet the reality is that this setup might not work for everybody. To this end, ATI is reintroducing our Individual and Phase Module Access options, providing learners with an even shorter course to upskill and continue their professional development.

If you’re confused about these access options or you’re on the fence about taking one plan versus going for the full program, read on to find out how our modules can fit your learning needs.

How do the access modes differ?

All three access modes use ATI’s learning management system, providing asynchronous modules filled with lessons, examples, exercises and assessments.

The difference simply lies in the amount of modules that the student has access to. The full program provides all 12 modules, starting from an introductory module all the way through several English language competencies to online teaching tips.

But if you fancy a shorter course, the phase module and individual module access options may just be the right fit. However, unlike the full 12-module Advanced TESOL program, learners cannot receive an internationally verified certificate by the end of these shorter access options.

As the name suggests, the individual module access provides learners with one module that they can try out. Meanwhile, the phase module access provides a set of three modules. Importantly, the choice of modules is predetermined, like a curated bundle of learning.

What are the advantages?

Among our values at ATI is to offer flexibility and ensure that learners have agency over their own professional development.

For many learners, the full program may seem like a daunting course to pursue. Perhaps there are other commitments, like a job, that take precedence at this time. Maybe certain circumstances, such as financial constraints or personal situations, would prevent individuals from pursuing the full program.

ATI recognizes this reality, hence the individual and phase modules can suit different people’s personal learning needs and goals. Not only are these options more affordable, but individuals can also pick out the modules that best suit what they want to learn.

Moreover, if you do decide to upgrade to the full Advanced TESOL Now program, it’s easy to do so within our online platform. ATI will be available to guide you through the process. This way, you can save your progress and have it credited for the full course.

Whether you choose the individual, phase, or full access options, you are sure to get a taste of the ATI experience—meeting you where you are and providing you with the best ways to improve your skills towards a brighter career future.