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Three Benefits of ATI’s Advanced TESOL Certification

For some, a certificate may just seem like another document to signal completing something. If you’ve ever attended a webinar and zoned out in the middle of it, the certificate may have seemed to have lost a little of its value. So what are the true benefits of getting certified? Much different from a one-off seminar, pursuing a full professional development course like ATI’s Advanced TESOL Program requires dedication and due diligence. Accordingly, the 120-Hour TESOL Certification granted at the end of it also stands out—and here’s why.



Getting a certification with ATI adds credibility to what you can do as an educator. In the job market, it would give ATI graduates the extra edge over other candidates. Given the intensive nature of the training program, the certification serves as documented proof that you are serious about taking on a teaching position—and that you have the formal training to back up what you hope to achieve in the education space.

If you package your professional training with experience, you will stand out as competitive and high-quality prospect. Whether you have been a teacher for a long time, or you are a budding educator-in-the-making, or you have just switched career paths, the ATI Certification offers you a strong foundation to kickstart a thriving career in English language education locally or overseas.


High Quality Standards

The main reason why ATI’s TESOL Certification offers its graduates such strong credentials is owing to our decade-long experience in delivering high-quality training. Because ATI Philippines was founded as the only affiliate of ATI USA, the institute’s program adheres to internationally recognized standards. As such, the program contents have been meticulously designed to bring out the best in every student of ATI Phils, equipping you with a comprehensive mix of theoretical knowledge and practical teaching skills.

More than that, the program is far from static, with the lessons frequently updated to reflect the latest techniques and strategies for effective teaching. It will help you hone your critical and analytical thinking skills, so you are always prepared to adapt to whatever situation you encounter in your career. Essentially, what you get out of the program isn’t just a transcript of topics covered, but a set of life skills that will help you grow at any stage of your career.

Global Recognition

What all this means is that every graduate from ATI Phils is effectively certified by ATI USA—and by the worldwide community of English language educators. Students who finish the ATI Advanced TESOL program also get added to a database of Certified TESOL teachers that potential employers can access and verify. Because language institutions recognize the quality and value of ATI’s TESOL Program, completing the course makes you globally competitive. In some cases, you might even find that the Certification is a minimum requirement, opening doors to opportunities such as scholarships or overseas programs that you otherwise might not have been eligible for.

You carry this highly sought-after credential wherever your teaching journey may take you. Thanks to its international recognition, the ATI Certification in and of itself already serves as a stamp of assurance of one’s quality and expertise as an English language instructor. Ultimately, ATI’s Certification speaks for itself.