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How A Mid-Career English Teacher Grew from ATI’s TESOL Program

A career in teaching is a lifelong commitment. While they may find themselves with challenges along the way, teachers are often fueled to continue their commitment by channeling their love for their students. 

For years, Phuong Thi Dao has been teaching both adults and children with different levels of English proficiency, yet her collective teaching experiences only serve to fuel her passion for teaching more. This passion is what eventually motivated her to enroll in Advanced TESOL NOW.

Young start

Teacher Dao has always loved teaching even as a teenager. When she was granted the opportunity to choose a major at Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology (HUFLIT), she chose to teach English. Her enthusiasm for teaching didn't stop there. In fact, she even took on tutoring jobs while she was studying. Teacher Dao eventually graduated from university and began what would be a fulfilling career in teaching.

Thriving as an English teacher, Teacher Dao saw the value in taking a TESOL certification program to improve her skills and boost her credibility as an English teacher. This is when she discovered the TESOL program under American TESOL Institute Philippines (ATI). As a student of ATI’s Advanced TESOL NOW, Teacher Dao gained practical knowledge on teaching and managing her students, “The program helped me make use of practical and effective methods in my English class, providing me many strategies to teach my students. All that brings benefits to me as well as my students,” she shares.

A teacher’s pride

Teacher Dao managed 44 students while she was taking the TESOL program, and this served as a motivation for her to keep learning. Among the 12 modules under Advanced TESOL NOW, the classroom management module was something she enthusiastically applied the most in her class, “The program showed me how to welcome my students when they come to class, how to design a lesson well, how to apply suitable methods in each lesson, and how to manage a class.”

She took pride in the strategies and methods she had learned from the program. Consequently, she saw the effects of her teaching practices reflecting positively in her students’ progress and enthusiasm towards learning English, “They feel confident and are interested in learning. After some months, they can communicate in short and daily conversations.” With this positive effect on her students, Teacher Dao gained confidence in herself as she completed the program and earned her TESOL certification.

Moving forward, Teacher Dao hopes to use the lessons she has learned from Advanced TESOL NOW and her TESOL certificate to advance her teaching career not just in her home country, but also abroad, “An accredited TESOL certificate will open the doors to a meaningful career in Education for me. I can use the TESOL certificate to apply for teaching jobs in the Philippines.” In the next few years, Teacher Dao is confident that she will not only be able to teach abroad, but her TESOL certificate will allow her to pursue a career in higher level teaching.

Eager to thrive as a mid-career English teacher like Teacher Dao? Enroll in Advanced TESOL NOW to take the next step in your teaching career.