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This training program in TESOL, which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, will prepare you to pursue global possibilities in English language teaching, be it at an academic institution or as a private tutor. Graduates earn an internationally recognized certificate and are eligible for inclusion in a database that employers can easily access for verifying your credentials. From syntax to semantics, the modules will polish your command of the English language and equip you with effective pedagogical methods to teach English to non- native speakers and cultivate a constructive learning environment.

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If you are a licensed English teacher, the TESOL program of ATI-Phils. is a wise choice for continuing your education and professional enrichment. It complements what you have previously studied and creates an avenue for guided reflection on your own teaching experiences. The modules are regularly updated to provide you with new, relevant and practical approaches to English language teaching—reinforcing your existing strengths while addressing areas for improvement so you can fully realize your potential.

If you intend to build a career in the growing field of English language education but do not have any background in English teaching, the TESOL program of ATI-Phils. is your quick-to- complete option to become a skilled English teacher backed by an international certification. It is purposefully designed to impart both content knowledge and fundamental techniques so that you can ground your future teaching strategies on theoretical and practical insights. Choosing this program enables you to take an efficient and fruitful route towards achieving your teaching career goals.

The Online English Training (OET) course is a specialized program designed to situate the nature and dynamics of English language education within an online context. To foster success in a virtual environment, the modules are focused on pedagogical approaches that maximize the use of various information technology tools. Thus, our OET program fills in gaps that are not thoroughly covered by most traditional training courses on English language teaching. This is an excellent opportunity for you to continue striving for professional growth even in an online setup, and upon completing the program, you will be prepared to seize current and forecasted opportunities in English language teaching.

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Distance learning is challenging but brings with it plenty of opportunities for education to evolve; the world of online English teaching may just be for you—perhaps you are trying to mitigate health risks given the pandemic situation, or maybe you thrive more in online interactions and have relevant remote work experience. The OET program develops your capacity to build a long-term, productive and gratifying career in the online English teaching industry. Pursuing this course demonstrates a commitment to adapt to the distance mode of education, and the arsenal of useful strategies you will acquire, including using new technologies and stimulating student engagement, would help you thrive in both online and face-to-face learning environments.

We will be launching our online ESL Program in the coming months and further updates will be released soon. Stay tuned to our social media pages (add link) and check back on our website to make sure you don’t miss any announcements!

Both our Advanced TESOL Program and OET Program offer asynchronous access. Please note that the asynchronous access under Advanced TESOL Program is the Advanced TESOL Now course.

Individual Module Access gives you the chance to enroll in a single module at a time; you can freely select from among the module offerings that most interests you, but please note that this option is only available for the OET program. Alternatively, the most cost-efficient is the ALL MODULE Access option, which is your best bet if you have the time and dedication to commit to finishing the entire program.

Individual Module Access or Phase Module Access may be upgraded to the ALL MODULE Access option. Only students who have not yet done the fourth module of their chosen program are eligible for shifting to an all module access.

Note that the decision is irreversible, so please be very sure before changing your mode of access.

Only our Advanced TESOL Program offers virtual access, aptly called Advanced TESOL Virtual

Advanced TESOL Virtual offers a mixed learning setup that combines both teacher-facilitated (i.e., synchronous) discussions and asynchronous activities.

Please note that Virtual class or Advanced TESOL Virtual has a specified class schedule for teacher-facilitated discussions, and attendance to all of these sessions will be required in order to finish the program.

A minimum payment of PHP 5,000.00 is required to reserve a spot to enroll in your chosen schedule for Advanced TESOL Virtual.

Please note that choosing GCash, Paymaya, or Direct Deposit as the mode of payment will require payment of the reservation fee within 24-hours of when reservation is placed. Failure to pay the reservation fee on time will forfeit your spot.

The modules are designed in such a way that the topics for the latter days are dependent on understanding the introductory lessons. Thus, we are unable to allow you to join an ongoing class. Instead, you can sign up for the next Advanced TESOL Virtual schedules and reserve your slot so you do not have to miss any of the sessions.

Failure to attend any of the synchronous discussions will require a retake to complete the program. Students will be required to pay a retake fee of PHP 1,250.00 per day of absence to be able to attend the corresponding make-up sessions following a designated schedule.

For missed class sessions due to medical emergencies, kindly provide us a valid medical certificate for us to waive the retake fee of PHP 1,250.00. Any non-medical reasons will be considered as an unexcused missed session, which will still require payment of the retake fee.

Our Advanced TESOL Virtual and Face-to-Face programs are specifically designed to be interactive and therefore are delivered best when there are a certain number of participants in the class. To provide our students with the best possible learning experience, ATI can only proceed with the scheduled classes if the number of students reaches a minimum count.

In case of class cancellation, ATI will contact you immediately through email or mobile. We will offer you the option to shift to another class schedule so you can join a larger group and proceed with the sessions. Alternatively, we can convert you to the Advanced TESOL NOW (asynchronous or self-paced) program.

If you choose to pursue TESOL NOW, we will connect you with an Academic Support staff who will be more than happy to assist you in switching to the asynchronous program and to answer any questions throughout the time that you are taking the course. When you complete the program with a passing grade, you will still be able to receive an internationally recognized certificate. ATI will also provide you a partial refund, which will take 7-10 days to process, to return the difference in enrollment fees for TESOL NOW and TESOL Virtual.

ATI is planning to host in-person classes by mid-February, subject to government protocols. We will continue to update our website and social media accounts in the coming weeks regarding further details. In case you have further queries, feel free to message us on Facebook.

ATI will host face-to-face classes aligned with existing health protocols, including safe distancing and sanitation measures. Moreover, all students will be required to be fully vaccinated (double dose or with booster) before they can join the program.

Please be assured that ATI will take all necessary steps to reduce the risk of viral infection, but that zero risk is not possible and we cannot guarantee nor are we responsible for your health.

Click on the ENROLL NOW tab on your right hand side to select the access option you prefer. For Advanced TESOL Virtual, you will be prompted to choose the schedule you wish to enroll in.

You can pay via PayPal, GCash, Paymaya, or direct deposit (i.e., fund transfer or OTC banking). Please upload your proof of payment, such as a screenshot or photo of the deposit receipt, to the platform so that you may begin accessing your chosen modules.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one at this link.

Steps to create a paypal account:

  1. Select personal account
  2. Click online shopper
  3. Fill out your personal details
  4. Sign in and verify your email address
  5. Connect your debit card or credit card

We offer staggered payments only for Advanced TESOL Virtual. You will be given instructions and a scheduled payment scheme to pay your remaining balance to be able to continue the virtual class.

Please note failure to pay according to your scheduled due date will lock your account until you have settled the payment. Lock out will be considered as a missed session.

If you are unable to proceed with the program, you must inform us about your withdrawal within 5 days of receiving your confirmation of enrollment. Failure to do so would forfeit your eligibility for a refund. The courses are also 100% non-refundable once you have already started accessing the modules.

On the sign in page, click “forgot password” and you will be prompted to input your registered email address. You will receive an email link from us to be able to reset your password.

Yes. Your request for a certificate will be processed upon submission of the certificate request form. Please note that the cut off date for endorsing certificate requests to the US is on the 25th of every month.

Certificates may be picked up from our office or sent to you via courier. Courier charges will be shouldered by the student and will vary depending on your location.

Yes, the certificate you will earn is recognized globally and is verifiable via ATI USA's website.

If you need the TESOL Certificate from ATI authenticated through "red ribbon", please visit the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) office nearest you.

Of course; we hope you teach right away so you can see the value of the modules as applied in a practical setting.

We cannot promise that you'll land a job immediately, since you will still need to pass the requirements of your potential employers, such as interviews or teaching demos, and will be evaluated relative to other applicants. However, there is a high chance that the certificate is included among the minimum qualifications that the hiring companies are looking for. Furthermore, the certificate and the training you receive through our programs will definitely strengthen your CV/resume and make you a more competitive applicant with the necessary skills to suit the job placements you are pursuing.

The certificate can give you a significant advantage during the hiring process and the skills you honed as a result of taking our programs will enhance your effectiveness as an English teacher, which is often a necessary point of consideration for receiving a higher salary grade. However, please note that the amount of remuneration offered for a certain position will still ultimately be decided by many other factors, such as your extent of experience, the financial situation of the hiring institution, your working hours, the depth of expertise needed, and so on.

As a training institute, ATI-Phils. does not currently provide employment services such as job placement or recruitment opportunities. However, our Career Center offers some tips and resources that may be useful in your job search. Let us know as well if we can assist you in any other way.

Not at all; you can freely choose to pursue online, face-to-face, or blended (i.e., combination of in-person and virtual setup) teaching opportunities, depending on your current situation, your own preferences and goals, and the institution’s chosen mode of delivery. Regardless of which option you decide to explore, our modules are sure to help enhance your career prospects and equip you with transferable skills to adapt to any position.